Alva MC

High-output Moving Coil Cartridge

High-output Moving Coil – Outstanding musical detail.

Exposed Cantilever Design – Reduces unwanted resonance and vibration.

Elliptical Stylus – Improved frequency response and lower distortion.

Designed and Engineered in the UK – Bespoke Cambridge Audio design.


Alva MC High-output Moving Coil Cartridge

With its exposed cantilever design, elliptical stylus and ability to deliver stunning levels of musical detail, our engineers have designed the ALVA MC High-output Moving Coil cartridge to perfectly compliment the ALVA TT. Adopting visual cues from both the ALVA TT and our Edge range, the ALVA MC features patterned knurling and is finished in lunar grey. Celebrating 50 years of audio innovation, the 68° angle seen running top to bottom serves as a call back to our founding year of 1968.

Key Features
Tech Specs
Cartridge Type

High-output Moving Coil

Frequency Response

+/- 1dB 30Hz-20kHz





Output Level

2mV @1kHz

Tracking Force


Recommended Load